I don’t know which way to go

I don’t know where to begin

Paths leading to different places

There’s a world out there

Waiting to be seen and discovered

I want to explore and see the world

and help those people in need

That’s the only thing I’m sure of

But to get there and where I am now

Seems like an impossible thing

The feeling of confusion

The fear of the unknown

The process and steps to take for

My dream to come true

Seems just like a wonderful thought

I still want to make it a reality

I have only begun my journey

But I’m already losing sight of it all

To make a difference in the world

Is that really my goal?

To be honest, no matter how small

To make someone’s day and make them smile

That’s what makes it all worthwhile

So even if I don’t make it in the other side of the world

The only thing that matters is the heart

The the one that sincerely helps and lovingly serves


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