Everything has its season

I firmly believe that God has a perfect timing and plan on everything. Whether we realize it or not, he already has planned on first of all, you being born. It doesn’t matter whether your parents planned your birth or not, the important thing here is that God intended you to be born into this world because he has a higher purpose for your life that will impact other people’s lives. In each of our circumstances in life whether if its financial difficulty, social acceptance, inner peace with our insecurities and difficult relationships between your parents, friends and relatives and even other people, these are the “low” seasons of our lives, but remember that God uses what’s negative into something positive when you look at it in every angle of perspective. One example of these is that when there is someone that is difficult to deal with at work or at home, God is trying to build your character, because when we are exposed to pressure that is when we grow, through the tough situations with people, we learn to deal with a diverse kinds of different personalities.  Through the highs of our seasons in life, God teaches us to cherish these moments and be thankful of every blessing that God has given us.

I remember the song “Who am I” by casting crowns, many people don’t know who they are and sometimes even forget their identity, but know that God knows who you are, and the truth is we are his children. The child of the most high God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! In our society nowadays its difficult to know who we truly are because of the media that we should be like for example flawless models even though they are typically photoshopped. Know that each one of us has a higher calling and only you can know what that is, through prayer and meditation of the word of God, the holy spirit will show you your calling, and that can be to be a leader, to be a teacher, etc. Know that in each season of our lives whether it be high or low, I believe that God is continually showing who we are and at the same time revealing himself to us through tough times and good times, all we need to do is wait and trust in him.



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