Don’t give up on You

In someone’s journey to become whoever they want to be, either to overcome insecurities, depression or to either lose weight or get good grades, whatever that ideal person you want to be, there will always be struggles and challenges to overcome until we get to the point of giving up in the end but all I wanna say is DONT GIVE UP! because you’ll never know that the next day might be the day that you have the point of either success or failure, the turning point where everything will change. A wise person once told me that life is like a horizontal escalator, you will move backwards if you don’t keep pushing forward toward your next destination, towards that finish line.

I know it’s really really hard to overcome the procrastination, the chatterbox, that voice in our own head that says NO you can’t do it! Just stay in your comfort zone and there is still a lot of time until the deadline of that 15 page essay that is due tomorrow but your still not doing it, why because your reason is its hard…or that time when you said you’ll lose weight this year finally! and even signed up for a one year gym membership and on the 2nd try you don’t even want to move your butt off your couch, sounds familiar? Yes, there are a lot more examples but each one of us has this situation where we just can’t finish something or even start it and especially commit to it. Well don’t give up, keep at it, keep walking on that escalator, keep pushing forward on your life, strive to be the best that you can be, don’t do it for anyone else, but yourself because you deserve to love yourself and be loved by you.

To be continued…


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