The last goodbye


It was night time, I heard a knock on the door, it was the man next door named John. He was asking my father if he could install his new flatscreen television. I called my dad and he agreed to fix his TV. We invited John inside the house and while waiting, I something in me that I should give John something of mine. I was compelled to go to my room and hurriedly grabbed my extra bible and Heaven is for real DVD movie. I went to go see John and asked him a question,” Do you read a lot of books?” He said, “Yes I do.” with a big smile. Then I handed him the bible and the DVD movie, I told him, “Its for you! Watch the movie too in your new TV.” He said thank you and left to go to his house with my dad.

Little did I know, it was the last time that I will be seeing John along with his smile. Early this year he has been going in and out of the hospital, he was fairly old. John loved his car and his electronics. He loves to fix his house and was a handyman. He liked giving us some of his extra book shelves when we first moved in our home on the year 2011. He hardly gets any visitors, his son-in-law sometimes visits him to do chores but other than that, I heard in Christmas time, he would leave gifts at his children’s place, who have their own family already, and just leave. Early this year 2017, We just heard that he passed away, and after passing away, his leg got cut off because of a gangrene disease.

It’s just so sad that someone who raised and took care after their children, will just pass away just like that, alone.

Life is so complicated and unfair, I feel like I should have been there for him more, but it’s too late now. The lesson that John taught me in life is that, life is short and precious. We should appreciate those in our lives that revolve around us, not just our loved ones but everyone. Let’s be kind to one another, and appreciate the moments that make up our life.  In my eyes, John was a good man and I will never forget him.


In memory of John S. Rest in peace. 2017.


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