The Potter’s Hand


Each one according to His liking

Each one with a special purpose

A multifaceted work of art

Exact precision and accuracy

Each stroke of His hand on the clay

Molding and creating

Passionate and  intense workmanship

He pauses… walks back and walks closely

Carefully and intricately inspects every corner of the edges

Polishing and smoothing out the crinkles

Trimming the excess and adding in more

Defining areas to make it more prominent

Subtle changes here and there

He nods in affirmation and smiles…

He was finished.

Each given moment, going unto perfection

The work of His hands

The sweet thoughts and smiles is more than the sands of the shores

Fearfully and wonderfully made

He saw His creation, and saw the fruit of His labor

The expression of God’s love

He made You.


Credits: Original Poem by Setti (



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