My First love.

My first love is sweet and loving. He would always protect me and my family and loved ones, He is such a gentleman, he did not force me to love Him, but waited and pursued me relentlessly, He longs for me to talk to Him and waits patiently, He is kind and does not envy and does not boast, He keeps no record of wrongs and most of all, He loves children just as much as I do, even more…

Furthermore, enough of me.. lets dive into the ministry that all of us should prioritize the most..

As an individual believer and as a church, OUR VERY FIRST MINISTRY IS TO THE LORD.

We have been set apart and called first to worship Him, worship that is a loving response to a relationship with God.

HIM being our first love. Remember always there is nothing more important than this.

When we talk of ministry to the Lord, we are dealing here more of our hearts affection and personal devotion to God. After the salvation experience comes the lifelong unveiling of Christ in us.

The church should get back on track in order to restore hunger and fresh passion to pursue God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

God is wanting to renew first love in this season to strengthen us and anchor us for what is to come.

Many aspects of our christian life depend on the level of our personal revelation of who God is that is being translated to the degree of intimacy of our relationship with Him.

  1. Our love and act of worship for God

  2. Our obedience to God.

  3. Our commitment or dedication to serve Him.

Before any sincere dedication to serve God, there should be first be true transformation of the heart. Transformation that is VISIBLE even outwardly which includes the mindset, lifestyle and character. This transformation is but just a result of seriously focusing more on the first ministry we should be in.

Credits: CLSFM- Ptr Gil. & Rosette -Introduction

Questions to ponder:

  1. Who is my first love? Who am I referring to?
  2. Why did I call HIM my first love?
  3. What is love? In God’s perspective vs. Man’s perspective





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