Who am I?

You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm139)

Through childhood to adulthood, all of us have come across within ourselves our search for our self-identity which ties into our self-worth. Question like:

“Who am I?”

” What should I pursue in life?

“Will I ever be enough?”

“How should I begin?” Where do I start?”

These questions I have come across in my life, surely you as well have come to think or stumble upon these kinds of questions and some you can answer, some you cannot, or all of it you are unsure of it. You tell yourself surely there are definite answers to these questions…

That is when I realized, when I was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ and have begun actively doing children’s ministry and worship ministry, that I have come to complete puzzles of myself through the reading and studying of the word of God in the Bible. Actively, having a relationship with Christ by exercising my faith through my work, school, family and friends. I just want to share that even though some of the answers that I have in my life is different from yours, it is quite similar as well.

Who am I?” This pertains to our self-identity, who am I really? who are we in the eyes of our creator? Psalm 139 talks about us being “fearfully and wonderfully made” and that God knows us intimately and uniquely, knowing our deepest secrets and desires in the depths of our hearts. Psalm 139 NIV – For the director of music. Of David. A – Bible Gateway

What should I pursue in life?” In terms of life principles, I strive to have the character of Jesus Christ and to be christ-like through his love and compassion over the needy, lost and broken. I suggest reading the gospel- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

“Will I ever be enough?” This is one of the questions that I repeatedly question myself. To answer this question, I will ask you another question, to whom do you want to be enough? To your family? friends? lover? boss? But one thing is for sure, if the question pertains to your creator, the one who loves you unconditionally even if you don’t know it or unsure, the answer is YES. You are enough for the Lord Jesus Christ, because he accepts you as you are right now. Our God is a holy God, and he loves the sinner but not sin. God is not mad at us, He is madly in love with us, that is why He sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

John 3:16 NIV “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Romans 3:23 NIV – “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

It is not a coincidence that you are reading this posts right now. I know that God made a way for you to be closer to Him through the smallest and biggest moments in your life.

How should I begin?and “Where do I start”

Let us start by praying to the Lord Jesus Christ…

Lord Jesus, I believe that it is not a coincidence that I am here right now praying to you, I pray that may you reveal more of yourself to me so that I can know you more and make you known to other people. I pray that you open my eyes and my heart and enlighten me with the truth which is in your word. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

You can start by reading the word of God and praying more to him like we just did just now. Connect to your local church and browse for a new bible in a bookstore or download the application in your phone called The Bible App – YouVersion.


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